Demo 7"

by Lowered A.D.

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released July 11, 2014

Recorded and mastered by Matthew Amelung | Encapsulated Studios.



all rights reserved


Lowered A.D.

Southern Illinois Blackened Hardcore. From isolated regions of the United States' Midwest, this powerhouse of five friends produces an undeniable, and crushing, force.

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Track Name: Swine
Power//Control. You sleep with the masses with a gun to your head. Corrupting the weak you fucking capitalist pigs. Bleed through your teeth from the lies that you've fed. Corrupting the weak you fucking capitalist pigs. Fuck the rest, turn the knife deep in their chest. Fuck the rest, lay them down and burn what's left. Turn the knife deep in their chest. Lay them down and burn what's left. No power//no one mans fool. No control//now chaos rules.
Track Name: Bottom Feeder
Hiding behind an act. Manipulating views, construing the facts. Saying your a decent man widens the gap. Between you and me you're a plague no better than a rat. You are the scourge//under the earth. Bottom feeder//lower than dirt. Draining the earth. Self righteous self worth. Bottom feeder//you're not the first. Weapons forged in iron. Faith forged in lies. War hungry bent on our demise. Bottom feeder//lower than dirt. You're not the first.
Track Name: Existence Is Futile
Wrecked and incomplete. Still searching for meaning. I have been damned since birth. Feel my hate. Know these words. Existence//Futility. Regression//Totality. Blindsided by shame. Too close to the edge to know my pain. Blindsided by faith. Too far from the truth to know true pain. Wrecked and Incomplete. Still searching for meaning. In a life not meant for me. Existence is futile. Trust no man fear no Gods. You live by your own laws. Trust no man Fear no Gods. Your life's in your own hands. Ashes to ashes and rust to rust. When we all die we just turn to dust.
Track Name: Filth
Kill. Rot. Fed. Up. Becoming the filth under my skin coursing through these veins. Can't wait for the end to begin. Can't wait for the weight of my sins. Judgement waiting for me. Judgement waits. It better be swift for everyones sake. For he is no shepherd and I am no sheep. I would rather die before I wake than to pray to any god my soul to take. Purge.